DFMA - Design for Manufacture and Assembly

The Built Environment is ready for change, and we see an excellent opportunity for sustainability and cleaner building methodologies. 

Marathon is driven by innovation to create and rapidly evolve, providing fast, quality and efficient building practices such as DFMA – Design for Manufacture and Assembly. Design for manufacture means the design for manufacture with parts that form a product, and Design for Assembly, meaning the product design allows for easy assembly. The approach of DFMA is a combination of offsite manufacturing with on-site assembly and customisation. Benefits of the DFMA approach include;

One of the primary advantages of DfMA in construction is the significantly reduced on-site program through prefabricated elements. DFMA shortens assembly time by utilising standard practices such as vertical assembly and self-aligning parts. DFMA also ensures that the transition from the design phase to the production phase is as smooth and rapid as possible.

By using fewer parts, decreasing the amount of labour required, and reducing the number of unique parts, DfMA can significantly lower the cost of assembly.

A highly automated approach can enhance quality and efficiency at each stage. There may be less waste generation in the construction phase, greater efficiency in site logistics, and reduced vehicle movements transporting materials to the site.

DfMA increases reliability by lowering the number of parts, thereby decreasing the chance of failure.

By removing construction activities from the site and placing them in a controlled factory environment, there is the possibility of a significant positive impact on safety.

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Marathon Modular is a Prequalified DfMA Manufacturer for SINSW.

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