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About Us

There’s Modular Builders, then there’s us. Marathon Modular is leading the industry in the design and manufacture of high quality Custom Designed Modular Buildings. Using state of the art technology, this enables us to design and construct a variety of customized buildings to suit a wide range of areas.

Our Modular Buildings range from Classrooms, Offices, Childcare Facilities, Switch rooms, Amenities Buildings, General Learning Areas for Schools, Colleges, Universities, COLA’s and many other custom designed Modular Buildings.

Marathon Modular Buildings are perfect for permanent or temporary use and can be delivered and installed to any destination throughout Australia.

We have a Modular Solution to suit your requirements.

High Quality, Sustainable, Innovative, Efficient, Cost-Effective, and Shorter time to completion… “WHY NOT BUILD MODULAR?”

Do you need a building with a quick turnaround time? Ask us how we deliver our projects 40% faster.


  1. DESIGN PROPOSAL – Marathon Modular supply a proposal with the collaboration of your ideas for your project.
  2. PLANS/DRAWINGS- Our in-house Architects/Designers assist in the production of plans and drawings for your project.
  3. CONTRACT- A contract agreement is supplied to outline the detail and sale agreement.
  4. CONSTRUCTION- Construction of your project is initiated and completed at our quality-controlled manufacturing plant.
  5. DELIVERY/INSTALLATION- A smooth delivery to your site by our preferred haulage company, followed by installation on site.
  6. COMPLETION- On conclusion of your finished project an official handover is completed on site.



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BUILD SMART? BUILD MARATHON! Contact us to discuss your next project.