Healthcare Facilities

Modular Hospitals & Healthcare Buildings

Quick to manufacture and efficient to install, modular healthcare buildings have offered hospitals and healthcare providers throughout Australia a reliable solution to accommodate patients and clinical research without compromising quality care.

When it comes to working in the commercial sector, Marathon is a leading modular construction specialist providing building solutions for education and commercial industries as well as hospitals and healthcare, including general health care, mental health, regional health, aged care and more. 

What can we do for you?

Marathon Modular designs and manufactures custom-designed health facilities and modular medical clinics as part of our extensive modular construction capabilities.

Our prefabricated modular buildings are stylish, modern and practical. We work closely with our clients to design the best layout and design preferences to meet your specialised requirements. Whether your modular project involves an extension of existing facilities, or you require a design and construction of complete new medical facilities, Marathon can assist with every stage of your modular construction requirements. For new waiting rooms, treatment rooms our experienced team is ready to assist with a solution for your modular hospital or clinical facility.

Work with us, and you’re guaranteed streamlined planning and delivery allowing your hospitals and health facilities to operate as usual at the same time as construction. Flexible construction off-site meanwhile allows your clinics and facilities to be extended with minimal disruption for patients and staff.

Marathon’s team possesses significant expertise in bringing the benefits of modular construction to the healthcare sector. As a result our modular system is designed to deliver ward and clinical spaces that are fully compliant to the relevant healthcare standards.

Modular Hospital Design

Marathon’s modular healthcare facilities are built to precision and with high building safety. From the initial concept and planning, we take into account the intensive happenings and use of healthcare and medical clinics, in addition to ergonomic area design and optimal hygiene.

As healthcare facilities, our modular buildings provide an important alternative to conventional building structures thanks to their efficient and highly technical manufacturing system, quality building materials, short assembling time and affordable price point. Cost-effective, Marathon’s pre-manufactured modular solutions can greatly reduce the need for on-site construction, minimising closures and disruption of crucial healthcare operations and patient care to surrounding areas.

Our modular solutions have the option to be fitted with amenities and equipment, and  feature sections such as management offices, laboratories, doctor and patient rooms, polyclinics, operation rooms, wc, shower units and more- the possibilities are endless.

Marathon uses the most innovative off-site building techniques, bringing the affordable costs, speed and quality benefits of modular construction, even to the most complex of operating theatres. We can build:

  • Wards
  • Laboratories
  • Surgeries
  • Family accommodation
  • Offices
  • Secure storage
  • Operating theatres
  • ICUs
  • Testing Areas

Our design + construction process

Our modular design and construction process, in particular healthcare facilities, is to provide on-terrain solutions that are flexible and tailored to the unique needs of the client.

The process encompasses every aspect of your modular hospital requirement, including structural details, external/internal finishes, sensitive locations, mechanical and electrical installation, Australia’s health and building industry regulations, incorporating every detail where applicable to our clients needs.

Our patented building solutions feature the majority of the building work to occur away from the central construction site.

All modular healthcare buildings are designed to withstand Australia’s unpredictable climate, thanks to the quality of materials used, and the innovative building solutions to manufacture.

Our process is as follows:

  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Delivery
  • Installation 

Going modular guarantees a faster return on your investment, and instant space to accommodate staff and patients. If you need help designing new modular healthcare facilities or for additional space contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

What our clients say;

BUILD SMART? BUILD MARATHON! Contact us to discuss your next project.