Childcare Facilities

Australia has some of the best childcare providers in the world.

Marathon Modular specializes in providing portable and modular building solutions for childcare and after school care. Marathon Modular has assisted many childcare providers, provide functional, contemporary and safe facilities for children under their care.

Our close collaboration with our clients, architects, engineers and subcontractors are key to the streamlined completion and success of our projects. Our designs are to reflect the exact requirements our clients have envisioned. Modular childcare like all Modular construction present the most cost effective alternative to traditional construction.

Our internal designs are practical, vibrant and beneficial for the stimulation and development of early learning.

Marathon Modular offers a wide range of building applications for childcare, including:

  • Pre-schools
  • Childcare Facilities
  • Before and after school care
  • Toilet blocks, including accessible toilets
  • Canteens and eating areas
  • COLA’S

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