Childcare Facilities

Modular Childcare & Daycare Buildings

Australia’s leading manufacturer for modular constructions, Marathon, designs, builds and installs fully-equipped and well-designed modular childcare facilities

More modern and reliable options as educational facilities, modular daycare buildings are a favourable method to expand a childcare space when it is filled to capacity, and to facilitate a growing suburban community.

They can be used as reception areas, provide interior spaces for learning without support columns, include multiple classrooms and activity rooms, or provide additional and fully-equipped office spaces for childcare teachers and staff. 

Modular buildings can be used for a variety of applications, not just in childcare and education. A modular building can provide temporary or permanent spaces to accommodate healthcare, and be used for the sporting industry. 

What can we do for you?

Our modular solutions can be designed, manufactured and installed in whatever configuration you require, and flexible to accommodate your ever-changing needs. Our modular facilities are built off-site and are adaptable, enabling you to build on your space as your childcare facility grows. 

Choose Marathon Modular, and you’re guaranteed a fast and hassle-free construction. Customisation is available along with the addition of high-quality interior heating, light fixtures and other required systems. All of our modular construction can also be equipped with the latest compatibility supplies and teaching technologies if needed. 

Our experienced experts can draft up a custom floor plan based on your vision and your unique requirements. Just get in contact with us, challenge us with your project and we’ll be happy to work with you one-on-one; customer satisfaction guaranteed! 

Our Design System 

Our Childcare construction services construction can cut weeks or even months out of the construction timeline. Our four-step system utilises the latest technology to create the space solution that you need. 

The design process will encompass every aspect of the requirement, including structural details, external/internal finishes, sensitive locations, mechanical and electrical installation, foundations, services and much more to create a healthy, engaging environment. 

As a result, our versatile designs can accommodate a range of needs from nurseries, early childcare operations to comprehensive daycare facilities with extensive amenities. 

Our experienced team adheres closely to the current building regulations, incorporating every detail applicable to our client’s requirements.

Design features available for our modular construction for childcare facilities can include 

  • Easy-to-maintain and safe floor and wall finishes
  • Restroom amenities for young children
  • Secure childcare entrances
  • Safety features like child-safe outlets and light switches
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Medical and special needs areas
  • Kitchen
  • Employee support rooms
  • Administration rooms
  • Maintenance rooms
  • Activity rooms

What our clients say;

BUILD SMART? BUILD MARATHON! Contact us to discuss your next project.