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Marathon Modular: Using Modular Techniques to Streamline Childcare Centre Construction

If you are looking for a childcare facilities builder, choosing Marathon Modular to handle the project is a smart choice. 

Our team at Marathon Modular construct buildings with a modular approach. This means once your design and planning are approved, we begin construction right away in our manufacturing facility. The result is typical disruption from construction is greatly reduced, and you can enjoy the completed project a lot sooner. 

Our builders have over 15 years of experience in bespoke construction at Marathon Modular. It is our innovative construction process and our deep understanding of successful design and development of outstanding childcare centres that has allowed us to produce fast and effective solutions for the childcare sector. 

Take a Look at Some of our Previous Childcare Projects

Marathon Modular is proud of the results that we have achieved for previous clients in the Childcare sector:

– Kellyville Public School OOSH

– C&K Childcare Centre in QLD

– Batemans Bay OOSH

Our team has also delivered effective turnkey solutions for clients in the Education sector.

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Benefits of Modular Daycare Projects

Modular construction offers a wide range of strengths over conventional methods. Some advantages include;

– Minimal disruption: By constructing your building off-site, modular builders minimise noise, dust, and traffic disruptions. From classrooms to offices and beyond, enjoy a smoother journey to your new childcare building with marathon modular construction!

– Fast turnaround solution: A modular daycare solution extradites the usual time you need to wait on a newly constructed building. Modular constructed buildings sometimes take 50% less time to complete, allowing you to plan for the use of your updated or new childcare facility sooner and enjoy a faster return on your investment. 

– Customisable: Our modular units are fully customisable. At Marathon Modular, we provide a customised solution that allows you to choose the level of finish (tiered as Bronze, Silver or Gold) and the aesthetic you want to achieve. Our design team understand childcare facility requirements and work closely with our clients to achieve the desired outcome.

– Eco-friendly: The modular process is more eco-friendly. It gives our builders more control to eliminate wasted products. Our modular approach uses fewer materials and generates far less waste than traditional construction, thanks to precision engineering, large-scale purchasing power, and careful quality control. Modular prefabrication produces 80% less waste than conventional construction, making it a more sustainable choice for building projects and better adapted to protecting the environment.

– Cost-effective: Modular construction offers a cost-effective alternative as construction costs for site-built facilities continue to rise. By utilising controlled manufacturing conditions, potential delays in trade completion deadlines are eliminated, and unforeseen expenses are reduced. We understand the importance of staying within budget and will work with you to design and specify the most economical options for your modular childcare center project. Our team of experts will guide you through the process and ensure that your project meets your budget while still delivering high-quality, customisable space solutions.

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We’ve made the process of getting a personalised quote simple. 

Go to our Project Cost Calculator to tell us in a short 2-minute window about yourself, the building type needed for your child care centre, the dimensions in square metres, finish and design preferences. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, contact us for a tailored modular childcare solution or to book a discussion to learn more. 


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