Quality and Safety

Marathon Modular recognizes its legal and moral responsibility to provide a safe and healthy workplace and protect the health, safety, and welfare of its workers, contractors, visitors, and any other person engaged in carrying out work for the business. Management is committed to establishing measurable objectives and targets and continuously improving WHSE performance. Our Policy drives the prevention of injury and illness in our company with the commitment of the Directors and management.

Health and Safety Objectives To comply with the Work Health and Safety Act and Regulation, applicable Codes of Practice and Industry Standards, including;

  • To comply with the accredited ISO 14001, 45001 + 9001.
  • To proactively target known sources of injury and illness and prevent them from occurring.
  • To provide adequate resources to maintain an effective health and safety program.
  • Ensure all workers are instructed and trained in organizational health and safety procedures, foreseeable hazards and controls.
  • To consult with workers on health and safety issues directly and through the WHSE Manager.
  • To exercise due diligence by taking reasonable steps to acquire and keep current information on work health and safety matters.
  • Ensure that workers take reasonable care for their health and safety and that of others who may be affected by their actions or omissions.


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