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Our modular offices & administrative offices 

Whether you’re outgrowing your business, introducing a new faculty or onboarding new employees, Marathon can maximise limited space with our customised modular office solutions that suit any need or function. 

Obtaining modular systems has never been easier. We build any type of modular office, administrative building, additional rooms and enclosure in less-time, with fewer hassles with state-of-the-art building materials, and technology. Marathon also provides unlimited modular applications for a variety of functions including functional classrooms, sporting pavilions and amenities, childcare facilities, healthcare facilities, switchrooms and more. 

Our modular work offices provide several advantages: 

  • Bespoke design solution suitable to you
  • Costs that fall within your budget
  • Reliable design and efficient construction
  • Financial savings increase
  • Create additional space for new employees
  • Allow critical facilities to remain operational
  • Construction occurs off-site 

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Benefits of Pre-Manufactured  Offices & Modular Administrative Buildings 

If you’ve outgrown your office space, it’s imperative that productivity and work operations remain consistent, and nothing is more disruptive (and costly) than constructing an entirely new office onsite. 

Custom custructed offices and administrative buildings are host to a variety of benefits. Modular offices are equal parts economical and convenient as they maximise available space in your business. Compared to standalone offices, having a custom-constructed office designed and built to your site demands means that they can exclusively cater to your individual needs and requirements. Additionally, a custom-made modular office can facilitate an outgrowing corporate environments, can hold new employees and if need be, create entirely new departments. 

Custom construction is also considerably less expensive and depending on the project complexity, can be designed, built and set-up and in working order quickly. Lastly, if you ever need to transport your work offices to another location, you can do so with ease. 

Customisable Solutions To Accommodate Different Layouts

Marathon has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of specialised office buildings and administrative complexes. 

Marathon Modular guarantees: 

  • Construction made easy
  • Top-of-the-line engineering combined with design and construction
  • Exceed expectations on all project levels
  • In-house expertise skilled in modular office design 
  • Meet your budget demands

Tell us more about your project, and we can help calculate the design and construction costs with our calculator. 

Our Design + Construction System

Whatever the modular application, we create modular buildings that benefit from an integrated design approach that simultaneously meets the exact requirements of our clients, and improves productivity of the workplace.

Our modular work offices, corporate/warehouse office buildings and complexes are flexible, technology-enhanced working environments that are safe, durable, feature built-in amenities, aesthetically pleasing and accessible for all. Our dedicated project managers work closely with you to understand your modular office requirements and function. We ensure that your new office premises are within working order by a set period of time. Based on your demands and budget, your modular new office can be fully equipped with electricity, heating, carpet, air conditioning, interior walls, windows and doors and other desirable features to ensure the comfort of your employees. 

Each modular project is unique, and our knowledge and experience enable us the ability to design and construct a variety of customised office complexes. Customer dedication and care is our top priority throughout the project process, as we help to minimise your lead time to maximise your office space. 

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