Modular Classrooms

Need space solutions? Marathon has been providing quality education space solutions to schools across Australia for over 15 years.  It’s so important in the education industry, that by using off-site technology, open construction sites are eliminated while school is in session. Students and teachers are safer and can compete with less disruption.

Our extended experience in refining design and practical advantages spans a wide variety of areas, including; Administration offices, Amenities, Science and specialist rooms, Libraries, Covered outdoor learning areas, Multipurpose rooms, Canteens and eating areas.

Marathon’s permanent modular construction offers public, private, and charter schools what other construction methods cannot: accelerated project timelines, more economical pricing, and less disruption. Permanent modular schools and classrooms are indistinguishable and can be constructed to any architectural and customer specifications.

We design and build schools of all types and sizes – virtually any size permanent school can be built, installed, and ready for occupancy, some in as little as 90 days. Our offering of Learning spaces, Amenities Buildings, Office/Admin Buildings and COLA’s mean that we can design and construct the ‘Whole Package’ for new schools or replacements for existing facilities.

Flexibility in classrooms is very important for School Children to better adapt to principles of particular lessons. Marathon Modular understands there are various needs and concepts required to ensure stimulation of learning in Classrooms. Choice of Materials in the design stage is endless, and can be exact to materials used in traditional site construction.  Sophistication in layout and design options provide a permanent solution when building modular.

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