Our Process

We are well supported by an experienced team of designers, utilising the latest technology to create the space solution you need. The design process will encompass every aspect of the requirement, including structural details, external/internal finishes, sensitive locations, mechanical and electrical installation, foundations, services and much more. Our team adheres to the current building regulations, incorporating every detail applied to our client’s requirements.

Once the design process is complete, the project enters the production stage. All our buildings are manufactured off-site in a quality-controlled factory, which brings many vital advantages to your project;
• Minimal site disruption
• Fast build time
• Minimal on-site work
• Reduced impact to the surrounding environment and area

The delivery process is handled entirely by Marathon Modular, utilising specialist heavy haulage vehicles and cranes. Our experienced team of surveyors evaluate every site individually, designing a specific delivery based on the following factors;
• Restricted site access
• Health and safety regulations
• Traffic control

The installation process on-site is managed entirely by Marathon Modular and includes aspects such as;
• Site preparation
• Placement of modules onto piers
• Bay to bay module jointing
• Electrical commissioning and testing
• Plumbing connections
• Floor finishes

Building Modular guarantees a faster return on your investment. If you need help designing new facilities or for additional space contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

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