Everything You Need to Know About Sports Pavilions

Increased sports activities in Australia calls for better sports amenities and recreational settings. To support and cater to this growth, Modular Marathon collaborates with local councils and sporting clubs to create comfortable and safe modular sports facilities a living reality. 

This article has everything you need to know about sports pavilion, why it’s modular structure is better than the traditional ones, and what are the benefits of such a facility in a community.

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What is a Modular Sports Pavillion?

A Modular Sports Pavilion is a fully welded sports facility made of structural steel frames that are fully equipped with all the required amenities. In modular construction, the building process is initiated in factories. Later, the prefabricated building is transported onsite to the desired location, where the rest of the work is completed.

Modular construction offers great flexibility in terms of design. Its steel frame ranges from rectilinear or pitched roofs to even angular or curved walls. Of course, as a client, you have various options, not just in configurations and dimensions but even in determining the final finishes of the pavilion.

You can create a sports pavilion with a size that’s most suited to your site. The finishing options are unlimited, and you can pick internal wall finishes, external cladding, roof design, floor coverings, paint colours, fixtures and appliances to customize your look. As a result, you always get a unique, innovative, and functional facility that can be transported around Australia.

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Why Should You Opt For Modular Amenities?

Marathon Modular has assisted in designing and delivering new facilities as well as modified seamless additions to the existing ones. These facilities are not only friendly for all genders but are also accessible for differently-abled players to bring equal opportunities for everyone.

To fully understand why it is desirable to opt for modular construction of sports pavilions rather than sticking with traditional options, we have compiled a list of reasons. It will help you see how a modular sports pavilion can be a better alternative.

More Offsite Work, Less Disturbance Onsite 

You already know that a great part of modular construction is based on offsite prefabrication operations. There is less disruption on site, resulting in less waste generation and more sustainability on the sports grounds. 

This way, with less disruption, you can cut down on additional expenses and time that was otherwise needed to restore onsite. Thus, making it a better option as compared to traditional construction.

Controlled and Secure Environment, Design Efficiency

Another bonus of modular construction is that most of the work is done in a controlled and secure factory environment. This way, the built materials are stored and protected from being damaged. Likewise, it minimizes the dangers of accommodating a construction site within a community. 

It results in design efficiency as the time, money, and resources focus on creating a great facility rather than on ongoing running costs and maintenance. 

Single Team, Single Direction

Close collaboration between clients, architects, engineers, specialist consultants, and subcontractors has streamlined the success of modular projects. 

Whether it’s the designing and planning stage or the installation and execution process – there is always a single team working in a single direction. This helps to coordinate a magnitude of construction aspects under a similar umbrella, ensuring smooth management throughout.

Fixed Rates, Well-Set Plan

Since every project is customized to the client’s needs from the beginning, you will always know the exact cost of your sports pavilion construction from the get-go.

It ensures that there is always full transparency and price certainty. Get the closest estimate now to get a basic idea of how much a particular modular project will cost. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Sports Pavilion?

Often located in sports and recreational reserves, these pavilions are of the essence to an entire community. They create a space where people of the community can come together to connect and socialize. 

The basic idea is to provide a secure and relaxing team environment. From super relaxing indoor spaces and changing rooms for the players to meeting rooms and dining areas for the entire club of a particular sport – these sports pavilions can be an ideal spot for every sports enthusiast.

The benefits extend to the spectators as well. People who come to enjoy their favourite sport can also enjoy the high-quality amenities of the pavilion. 

Pavilions are typically used on a seasonal basis by several groups with similar requirements during their sports season. For example, cricket tournaments are mostly held during the summers, while a football club might use the facility during winter. Similarly, netball clubs or indoor sports clubs such as chess and squash clubs might want to use the facility all year round.

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All of this contributes to creating a platform where people can not only enjoy leisure activities but also socialize with each other as a community. No wonder sports pavilions are a worthy investment that is advantageous to various groups of people.

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