Has your School Planned for 2020 Enrolments?


Its important for schools to recognize the superior advantage of utilizing Modular in this instance, for more Education spaces.
Marathon Modular work closely with clients to determine the best solution to manage and address growth of fluctuating enrolments.

School enrolments and funding allocations are constantly changing.
Modular Buildings are a logical choice when meeting those ever-changing school space requirements.
Future planning for schools is an important factor in the process of collaborating with Marathon Modular. Some of our clients choose gradual additions to construction so that as enrolment increases it is logical to add matching permanent space solutions. Then when times change the modules can either be extended or moved to another location on the school site.
Marathon Modular has an extensive history of delivering numerous projects to meet the needs of Schools throughout Australia.

Some Modular Advantages include;

Save Time– Faster completion time
Quality– The production line techniques employed at Marathon Modular enable quality control management systems to be applied and adhered to, because production is taking place in our controlled factory environment.
Flexibility– Relocatable if required to increase usability and functionality of the school.
Sustainability– Less onsite activity meaning less disruption and waste.  Sustainability in design and building Modular allows buildings to be transported from one place to another without having to go through the process of demolition.

If you need help with discussing options regarding fluctuating enrolments or the design of new classrooms, contact us today, our team are ready to assist you.

It’s not too late to plan for 2020!

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