What Is Modular Construction?

What is Modular Construction?

Partnering with marathon modular provides a lot of opportunities to streamline your construction project.

But a common question from those inquiring with us is, what is modular construction?

Well, imagine if the construction of even large buildings could be completed offsite while the foundations are worked on. Then delivered and assembled on building sites like furniture. That’s the simple meaning of modular construction.

In modular construction, buildings are constructed off-site in controlled conditions such as factories, using the same materials and standards as traditional buildings. As they are built as modular units, they are able to be safely delivered and then installed on the desired area on-site.


From Then Until Now

Dating back to the 1600s from when an American fisherman arranged for a home to be disassembled and then shipped to him, it’s not an idea that’s new but it has been honed and perfected by technology and construction industry experts over time.

It also has a range of benefits over traditional methods of construction that make it far more superior and sustainable when it comes to building structures. Which is why you may have stumbled upon modular construction when researching the best contractors to complete a tight deadline project.

The Benefits of Modular Construction

More Sustainable

Modular construction is greener. With modular construction being confined to a controlled plant setting, it is much easier to manage the use of materials which leads modular construction builders to assure more sustainable use of resources.

Modular constructed buildings are also able to be disassembled and the building materials re-used, so less waste ends up in the landfill.

Faster Construction Time

This practice is also much faster. Leading to projects that are able to be completed in nearly half the time of traditional modes of construction. Construction in an industrial plant allows builders to work both on the foundation and building modules at the same time; which is what speeds up modular construction statistically by 30-50%. As most of the construction is completed within an indoor facility, it also eliminates most of the delays that come from bad weather.

Better for Construction Workers

Another great reason why modular construction is such a great managerial practice is that it also helps ensure better safety for workers. Construction on large or high rise buildings often leads to a lot of high risk work and working at heights. With modular construction projects confined to a controlled indoor environment, construction can happen in a way that’s safer for workers.

Cheaper Project Costs

As the construction behind modular projects can be completed a lot faster, the costs for buildings created through this type of building also run a lot cheaper. Saving you more money on labour costs, insurance liability, and as you are able to recycle building components from your building when you renovate, you can save on future projects too.

There’s a range of structures that can be achieved through modular construction products:

  • Classrooms
  • Onsite offices
  • Property development projects
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels


Let’s Address some Myths


  1. Modular buildings are only temporary

    One of the most common myths out there is that modularly constructed buildings are just temporary. While it is true that many temporary structures can be created through this method, building a permanent space is possible through the use of modular building methodologies; meaning the construction reflects that of a traditionally built structure once complete. This opens modular construction up for many different possibilities when it comes to projects. 


  2. Are not structurally sound

    These buildings are made to the same standards as structures built through traditional construction methods. Each module is rigorously tested and inspected throughout the modular construction process, as well as later when they are assembled on site. Thus assuring structural integrity and quality control. 


  3. They aren’t beautiful when it comes to design

    Like traditional construction, there’s many designs possible when it comes to modular structures. In fact, this controlled environment is perfect for mastering many unique specifications for your building’s design. The appeal of your building will usually come down to the choices made and restrictions on your budget. Modular construction has been responsible for accomplishing many beautiful high class projects and modern establishments. 



Modular Construction: The Future of the Construction Industry

The many benefits of modular continue to be recognised by clients looking for faster, smarter construction.

There’s Modular Builders, then there’s us.

Marathon is leading the industry in the delivery of high quality custom designed construction services, utilising modular building methodologies. We have a strong focus on quality, transparency and clarity through all stages of design and construction through to delivery. We have a solution to suit all requirements.

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As with any industry disrupting innovation, you also want to make sure that you have the experts for your modular construction projects. Marathon Modular has over 30 years of experience in this sector under our belt. Through this time we have developed a stunning portfolio of finished work, and become highly regarded as a leader in modular construction.

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