Why Modular Offices Are Useful For The Commercial Industry

Modular office buildings are very popular today as an alternative to traditional spaces in the commercial industry, offering a host of benefits like time and cost savings without sacrificing quality. Modular office construction involves building individual modular units that can get transported right to the site and erected in a customisable configuration.

Despite the less-than-conventional construction process, commercial modular buildings look and work just like traditional office buildings. They adhere to the same standards as more conventional structures do, and they’re also climate-controlled, aesthetically pleasing and code-compliant. If you’re curious to know more in-depth reasons why modular offices are useful for the commercial industry, read on.

Reasons the Commercial Modular Building Industry Is Booming

A lot of people who are interested in commercial modular buildings want to solve a specific problem or issue. They need this space to be functional, and they want to be able to easily modify it if needed. There are many reasons why commercial modular buildings are catching on, including:

Financial Flexibility

Modular office units give many options to suit every timeframe and budget, and you can get permanent or temporary structures in a range of sizes at affordable lease and purchase rates. The savings come from streamlined designs, which minimise unnecessary architectural elements. 

Scalable Space Solutions

Modular office construction allows you to get highly customisable spaces. There are many options available for incorporating custom structures to suit your desired layout. So, you’ll get the design and space you need without breaking your budget.

Minimal Disruptions to Day-to-Day Operations

Construction, design and installation will be quick, so they won’t interrupt your business while allowing for rapid expansion of your space. On the other hand, if you don’t need the extra space anymore, modular buildings can be moved to another location.

Commercial Industries That Embrace Commercial Modular Buildings

There are several commercial industries that are keeping commercial modular buildings in high demand, and they include but are not limited to:

Automotive Sales and Service Centres

Car sales are rebounding with the return of a steady supply of vehicles, and it’s up 17.3% from last year. This also means that automotive dealers are looking for ways to increase their lot sizes or retail spaces very rapidly, and they also need an area for staff to work and customers to wait. Modular office additions allow this sector to expand as they need with minimal business interruptions.

Landfills & Recycling Centres

Australians produce roughly 76 million tonnes of waste each year, and around 27% of these waste products (38.5 million tonnes) end up recycled. However, the Recycling Modernisation Fund is hoping to improve these numbers by 2030 by increasing the capacity to process, sort and remanufacture paper, tyres, plastic, cardboard and glass. 

Modular buildings are a great option for creating waste management centres throughout Sydney. They can get delivered right to the site via truck, and they give the opportunity for quick occupancy. They can also get delivered and installed with very little interruptions to the business’s day-to-day operations.


To date, there are roughly 2,200 quarries spread out across Australia. These are open-pit-style mines where companies extract tonnes of limestone, rock, sand and gravel. At these quarry sites, the workers use explosives, mechanical tools and a host of drilling equipment to cut into the earth. They need large machines to haul equipment, workers and the extracted resources.

Although most of the work is outside, there is a need for office space for the staff. Modular restrooms, break rooms, locker rooms and kitchens are all possible uses for commercial modular buildings. Staff can come right to the site, go up quickly and tear down once the project ends.

Modular Office Construction Trends

There are several exciting trends surrounding modular office building construction, including the following:

  •  From 2018 to 2027, the Australian commercial modular building industry has a forecasted compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.5%.
  • Prefabricated building markets currently represent 3% of the 150 billion dollar construction industry, and this is expected to get up to 15% by 2025. In turn, this will add $30 billion to Australia’s economy and create 20,000 jobs.
  • The impressive growth rate of modular offices in Australia reflects the global trend toward modular construction. The international market is forecasted to see a 70% increase by 2027.
  • Through 2022-23, annual industry revenue for modular office building construction is expected to reach $2.9 billion, rising at 5.0% a year.

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