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Mt Aitken Recreation Reserve Construction

Marathon Modular is thrilled to showcase the delivery of the Mt Aitken Softball Pavilion in collaboration with Hume City Council and the Victorian Government. This monumental project is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering modular sporting facilities that positively impact local communities. Marathon delivered the Aitken Hill Softball Pavilion, fueled by the knowledge that it would provide a new home for softball enthusiasts and create community spaces that foster camaraderie and connections. Our experienced team navigated unique obstacles with innovative solutions throughout the project, ensuring the final result met and exceeded expectations. The successful execution of this project was made possible through the combined efforts and shared vision of Hume City Council, the Victorian Government, and valued partner Stockland. This reserve will provide the much-needed softball facility for the sport to thrive locally and spaces for the whole community to enjoy.

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