Things To Know When Working With Modular Buildings!

Interested in constructing commercial modular buildings for your industry but unsure where to start? Marathon Modular can help simplify the process and share the industry know-how to make it happen.

Modular construction is the process where prefabricated buildings are constructed off-site before being transported and assembled to their desired location. This specific type of construction is very flexible and can incorporate a range of building types and layouts, and can be used for a number of industry sectors.

Modular construction today has evolved to become a superior way to build. At Marathon Modular, we are dedicated in delivering high quality custom designed construction service and utilising the best modular building methodologies to create building solutions that are not only practical but functional and modern. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We’ve broken down everything that you need to know when working with Marathon Modular.

What is a Modular Building?

Modular buildings or a modular build is initiated in the factory. Modular builds can be composed of multiple modules with no ‘standard’ size as this type of construction is customised to suit the requirements of the client. These modules are essentially the ‘parts’ of your building which can be transported by road to your new location where builders assemble them.

Advantages of commercial modular buildings

Modular construction is a relatively new method to build structures, and like many new things, opinions can vary. Nevertheless, the pros most certainly outweigh the cons. Here’s a handful of advantages of modular construction and why it’s growing in popularity so quickly in Australia.

Less waste produced

The modular prefabrication process generates less waste than traditional construction methods, making it a sustainable method to build. At Marathon Modular, our transportable buildings are designed to minimise environmental impact and reduce your running costs.

Fast, effortless construction

The majority of construction takes place off-site in a factory environment. This eliminates weather delays and speeds up the construction timeline, allowing your new facilities to be built and installed in a number of weeks. By building modular, it can also allow for a fixed timeline for design, construction and delivery which prevents disruption to your usual operations.

Always a fixed price

Modular construction requires full design resolutions and documentation before building occurs, which means you know exactly what the project will cost from the get-go. At Marathon Modular, we promise full customer transparency and guarantee absolute price certainty.

Greater Flexibility

Modular buildings can be disassembled. Modules can then be relocated and refurbished for new use. This can reduce the demand for raw materials and minimise the energy expended to create a new building.

Built to Australian standards and codes

At Marathon Modular, modules are designed and fabricated to meet or exceed the same building codes and site-built structures, and utilise the same architect-specific materials used in conventional buildings.

Endless design opportunities

Whether you’re looking to construct new modular office buildings to accommodate extra staff, new childcare facilities to sports facilities, our modular designs can be designed to fit with the same external features of any existing building, and can be installed with internal electrical work to make turn your modular build into a fully functional site.

Types of Modular Construction

Permanent Modular Construction

If you’re looking to build permanent modular office buildings then “Permanent Modular Construction (PMC)” is a beneficial solution. This innovative and sustainable construction method utilises off site manufacturing techniques to prefabricate single and multi-storey building solutions which can be delivered in module sections. Modules can easily be integrated into site built projects or can stand alone as a turn-key solution. They can be delivered with interior finishes and fixtures with less waste and higher quality control compared to traditional site built construction.

Building modular can guarantee a faster return on your investment.


If you need help designing new facilities or for additional space, don’t hesitate to contact us and explore our comprehensive services. We’d love to hear from you.